About us

[TVC] - The Veterans Club - welcomes you to the club of gamer veterans !

You love gaming but doesn't want to run through without a shiny clantag ? You'd love being part of a community without the usual clan commitments ? You like to Play some games with like-minded ones instead of hanging around on servers and being lonely ? You'd just like to join a TS (Teamspeak server) for a bit of chatting with members and players of the same type or age ?

No matter if you already spent thousands of hours with race games, shooters, Sims or Tetris: you are a gaming Veteran and thus one of us. Have a look around on our Website, join our TS for some chatting or let's play together, and if you are interested, join us. You'll await countless hours of fun, joy, Group cuddling and sleepless night full of gaming.

We are no clan, no registered and official club, we don't have any compulsions but still some rules. Maybe the FAQ might answer some of your questions and if not, feel free to send us an E-Mail or a perfumed letter and you will get worn underwear in return and maybe an answer.


"The Veterans Club" is a bunch of freaks hot for gaming. [TVC] was founded in spring of 2015, because people frequently had played with or against each other or had met each other on some Teamspeak servers. On LAN parties players also had met each other and had played together in tournaments in mixed teams. That's why the idea had come up to found a community in which players could arrange to meet each other free-and-easily for playing or knitting together or for joining LAN parties. It should be a community in which people could find like-minded ones which share the own hobby or the respective preference (shooter, simulations and so on) and with which some matches could just been quickly played. And all that without the usual clan constraint with this and thats.

Everybody can feel free to join. We just have the usual receptive rituals like spending coffee for one year or dancing naked. Enthusiastics from the age of 18 to 99 can be part of it and should have got over with some hundreds or thousands hours of playing in their preferred type of genre or favorite game, because we're talking of a veterans club and not a newbie camp.

Well, and that's the whole secret.